Saturday, May 15, 2010
clash of the things in my life - clash of the titans

w'sup worldddddd
:p its been...months since i updated (as usual) very lazy to sit down and type mah.
sorry yeah? well i now a lil free so update la.
so far, PFL div 2 is over. spearhead came runners-up congratz to all.
midterms are coming up and i'm nt ready
the school musical just started.. even though i'm nt sure if i still shud b in it.
family issues conserved, friends are making absurd choices and decisions
and well, me :D
last 2 months mmg crazy.. busy here and there... studying physics form 4!
literally like boot camp.
speaking of boot camp, when is the NS results going to come up?
somemore i hv to study hard for SPM..haih..
dunno wat i'm gonna do after 17 =) but
i wanna go holiday hahaha mayb china again
well many things in mind, but SPM first...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
CNY-land!! - Zombieland

CNY is pretty okay this year. had reunions and stuff lor..erm. so today tuesday,
lunch went to aunty Sharon's place in perai
gd food and stuff
then came bak to my main event for CNY
first time goin to jaysern's hse!
he having open hse.
feel so honoured to b invited lolxxx
i went there prett early. i think jay was sleeping rather..
felt bad to wake him up (sorry man..)
so met ruffles
the cutest dog for this year
hahaha luv him...
Jo wern came along and bwat kacau..hah then ryll came..all of us quite early la
haha after few ppl come we started eating!
eat2 then got talk lots la.. sarish is FREAKING HILARIOUS!
haha laugh somuch becos off him
terrible la u sarish..
tsk tsk
then we played chor tai ti! only win once lar..
feel so sad wei..
haha then wathed a lil of zombieland
so funnny!
but i watched first 15 mins nia hahaha
but soem of em wanted tow atch exorcism
i cannot tahan so me , jay and D go down play blackjack with the rest of jay's frenz.
all the youths hhahhah
they gambled i just watched..although i played for kev a few times. he untung lor hahaa
so later my sis came to fetch me d lor..haih..cant stay saddd....

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Friday, February 5, 2010
Dark night - prom night

so.. yesterday, 4th feb 2010...
i was home alone..then suddenly a black out!
lolss quite freaky but erm..i had quite a night
black out arnd 8 ssth..near to 9 d
so i was bored..
and i online lo..when the blackout happend my monitor also off...stupid...
so i took my torchlights..then bath with a torchlight shinning...then i did my homework
do mod maths graph somemroe
with torchlight nia
eye pain lor. the graph paper was printed so its very very small nia

so that the is the night...the elec came bak on at 11 then i started to online again!!
then i slept arnd 2
this morn wake up wanna go c doc
ish so long!!!!
waited for 4 hours...seriously!!!
dad said God is teaching me patience
haih.. wasted 4 hours of my life there
and the book i brought there was bio rujukan!
tot wanan study ma but got bored of bio.....
so then then i tried my motor..
cant really ride yet la
my arm pain
so decided not gonna toch my bike till march:S
neway went to squash meeting
just to get attendance...........and went to shopping!
got a pressent for Syaf d... :D
hops its okay la..

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
did u hear about my crash? - Did you hear about the Morgans?

i guess its time to talk about my crash last week :D
so wat happened was raining..i tried slowing down because the car in front me was slowing down..
then i press the hand brake but it didn't slow down
so i pressed harder and the bike jerked forward and i skidded down the road
Thank God i didn't crash into another car. only crashed on the road.. so i quickly got up and ran to the pavement.
i cehcked myself c not mch bleeding juz scratches and was happy nth happen
but then i couldn't move my right arm.
so thats how i knew my right arm got dislocated
quite scary
i was alone that time...
so anyway long story cut short.. i got in to lam wah ee hospital.. and the whole week i've been resting and healing :D

last saturday's friendly between contact and spearhead was really intense!
out team capt' Daniel was really putting it out there. hmm... really stressed
hahaha i didn't play la of curz. just watched and gv support..
nice fight u guys, even though we lost, we serisouly put up a gd fight.
real gd defense :D
cant wait for the CNY gathering. hope i can go lor...

nth else except staying at home and resting (nt to mention skipping school!!)
did i mention at hv phobia to ride in the rain now..?

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Thursday, January 28, 2010
chances lost - foot-loss

i'm fine,...
juz sad cause i cant do los of things for a few months mayb?
my right arm is really vulnerable to 2nd dislocation.. damn...

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Sunday, January 24, 2010
switch turns - switchback

had a very... funny day rather
so my dad got encounter class to teach so i ma plan to ride myself to church..then then erm..
i woke up arnd 8 sth.. tot it was still early i just slept somemore..
then i suddenly woke up at 10.10
crapppp late for church. so i didn't go anymore..
i just slept...till 12!
i guess it proves how tired i m :D
so i went out arnd 4... had subway by myself!
nice... then went to findd izzad at sg ara!
FYI sg.ara is a SCARY place!!
don like it at all....
haha gt lost then i called izzadd lor...
hmmm then met with asyraf and 4 of us head up to a hill.
actually its not really a hill la.. its just a small corner of a housing area that faces the lower land
but its pretty cool to b there
just the 4 of us, izzad asyraf me and thaqif
hahahaxxx ada la crita2 yg menarik
nexx week yea guys?? :D

i missed Greek but nvm.. so decided to go to mun's hse warming straightaway!
ate a few rounds then sembang lor..
learnt mahjong actually
quite fun
nex time must play again hahaha
then we just chatted and i came home shortly after that..

i was a lil moody this after noon but i guess asyraf and izzad treated me to that :D
thx guys... nex sunday, we HV to do it again hahaha

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Friday, January 22, 2010
old days - old dogs

watched old dogs today with swee hon and sharyn
oh yea
happy brithday to sharyn and tania!
soooo... erm..haven't been updating cause busy..
goin here and there..doing diz and dat.. stress la
somemore no spearhead this week
man...getting bad-er in floorball
so anyway
old dogs is pretty cool. tot it wud b oring but funny also le..
em, then this week had lots of work lo...
and lots of riding arnd..sigh..
oh and any ideas how to run a film club with an AJK that just doesn't seem right wit u?
u hv lots of troubles joel...

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Saturday, January 9, 2010
Joel Thum's 9th jan - Clive Barker's The plague

man.. tiring day!!
woke up at 9 am..then laze arnd a little...
arnd 10.30 went to Spearhead training.the 1st ever one
=) met new ppl. far its only nia that i remember
our treasurer
team captain wud be dan..
so it was pretty okay. tiring and stuff but dunno why i just like it (even thoguh i'm not gd at it)

errr then it was lunch with my coaches with dan and winnie..? cant remmeber her name sorryy
ate mcd, sembang2 then go rush bak home for sqush!
lol luckky i was had another training
but for squash
rofl tiring!!
so after squash come home...bath then go to mun's hse for her party
hehe ate and talk and ate and talk
met with carolyn, primary fren. pretty awesome meeting u bak
then go dinner with my father
tats about it..

really tired..and i haven't do my ttn work yet@!!!

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Friday, January 8, 2010
Gear 2!!!! - P2

i've been on the bike for many times this week..pheW!!
goin here and
basically i went to school most..
monday first day, my dad drop..
so tuesday! my first day... almost banged a mercedes
hahahaha so lunch myself lor
i went to find MUN!
cause she live behind ivory.. i bought marry brown then makana t her hse
wed was crazier a lil

me and ryll plan to eat together at school so i bought chic rice..then i asked ADRIAN to park my bike at garage for me.. manatau he didn't realise the bike key with him..he say cannot off bike...and went home with my key in his pocket -_-"
so i hurry eat le.. sorry ryll...
then rush to his hse..dunno how to go somemore
turn here there lor
then waited at his hse and he returned me my keys..phew...
wed night went ttn at adrian's place
my dad drop cause it rained..heheh

thurs! had lunch with asyraf!
marrybrown...and we talked =) it was fun yea??
lepak lagi la nex time...
hhahha axyraf drive steady lor... nt like me..
i did sth wrong..rofl ask asyraf =)

today the bzzzzziest
after school went to find aaric and mun, ate at pingu cafe
nt bad la the curry was nice
i met with ma bro, Nic Goh and his frenzz, ash,cal and alex
they're doing okay i guess hahaha
after the lunch went bak to school for floorballl
got play la lil
quite fun
hope i can join SPEARHEAD!
so after arnd 6... went to search for kompleks belia
later i go eat laksa...then i ate at el mondo pizza
yum...then i go tesco buy EAT AGAIN at MCD!
too much money i guesss
hahahah it was fun riding alone everywhere
now pretty tired le.. tomorrow 11-1 spearheads...
3.30 - 4.30 squash....
6pm on wards , a dinner,..
homework and projects le? dunno when do lar

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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Joel and the challenges of tomorrow! - sky captain and the planet of tomorrow

Signapore was fun!
i actually checked my check list of stuff i wanna buy :D
spent about 230 dollars ( singapore currency)
quite proud of myself
got loads of stuff
about 7 items from that amt
nt bad huh??
so the highlights of my trip was...
i vomit during christmas eve ...
the streets in orchard were all foamy and sopay cause ppl were bombarding strangers with the fake snow spray
lucky i x kena lolxx
and i went to singapore flyer...
pretty cool but got a lil bored cause the view was the same
then went to zoo and stuff
and most importantly, shoppin!!

i got my P license d!!!
oh yea!!!
total awesomeness
to my not so awesome bro, josh khoo
gd luck in the motor stuff yea? =) u can do it
to izzad, u blh punya la
don let colours get in da way!! hehehe

oh yea... merry christmas and a blessed new year yea?

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YES!! finally have my old skin back! muahaha!
Anyway, I'm Joel T and i'm 15 going on 16! so..erm,tats all i can say. enjoy.

Li Ean
Wei Lynn
Josh Khoo
Khai Hern
Sarah Thum
Spearhead Floorball Club


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